Dave Burns

As the founder and CEO of Enlinx, Dave ensures the company has the people, processes and service lines to solidify its position as the best 3PL warehouse and supply chain management group in the Western United States.


Lee Payne

  Lee Payne is the Vice President of Marketing at Enlinx. Prior to joining Enlinx he worked in the software development industry and played key roles in companies such as SunGard, a financial services software company; Tomax, a leading enterprise software provider for small and mid-size retailers; MindQuest, Inc., a leader in automotive parts software; […] More

Ken Thompson

  Ken began consulting with Enlinx in August of 2014, then joined the Company as President in January 2015.  He brings more than 25 years of executive leadership experience to the Enlinx team.  Ken’s primary responsibility at Enlinx is overseeing the seamless integration of all departments as the company executes on its mission of Perfect Delivery. Ken’s […] More

Brent Ainsworth

  Brent Ainsworth is the CFO at Enlinx.  He is an experienced financial professional with over 15 years of finance and accounting experience. He started his career as an auditor with KPMG and has experience working in the private equity, manufacturing, and medical device industries.  Brent is experienced in a wide range of disciplines including […] More

David Bretey

David Bretey is the COO at Enlinx.  He comes with over 15 year operations and fulfillment experience.  David has been a continuous improvement consultant for over 10 years and has helped company’s like Black Diamond, Clyde Companies, Natures Sunshine, Blendtec, Morinda, and ICON.  David’s work experience includes distribution and freight management, import and export compliance, product […] More

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