Retail Distribution

The opportunity to have products stocked in big box stores is the goal of many of our customers.  We understand the realities of working with major retailers. Getting the product on the floor can be challenging, given the compliance required by each retailer. Failing to adhere to those requirements can be devastating to you in terms of charge-backs and refusal to reorder your product.  We work together with your retailers to meet their requirements, including on-time and just-in-time shipments and order verification.

Feel comfortable your product shows up correctly.

The Enlinx team:

  • Maintains specific vendor compliance requirements pertaining to the shipment of goods for each retailer.
  • Creates protocols allowing you to implement and follow EDI-compliant programs.
  • Conducts verifications and audits of shipments based on criteria you establish, giving you peace of mind knowing that your retail orders are being completed correctly.

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Our Services

"Having a good 3PL partner makes a huge difference to our success. Enlinx has been great in helping us keep our inventory organized, our orders shipped out timely as well as providing very competitive shipping rates. They are a vital part of our team."

Dusty McMullin COO - Sibu, LLC