Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management is about more than merely getting a product from Point A to Point B. It’s the ability to coordinate with all of the parties required to create and deliver products efficiently, eliminating potential delays or errors every step of the way. At Enlinx, supply chain design strategists deliver the information you need today to improve your operations tomorrow. Our experience in comprehensive supply chain management allows us to audit your existing supply chain and create a specific, detailed plan for streamlining your network and ending with the perfect delivery to your end user.

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  • Specializing in manufacturing, distribution and retail segments
  • Proven experience in identifying opportunities for improvements in accuracy, timeliness and efficiency
  • Our strategic supply chain consultants have one goal: to help you become more profitable
  • Our in-depth analysis begins by using best-in-class benchmarking information

If you are looking to streamline your supply chain distribution and achieve greater profitability, contact Enlinx today. We will be happy to consult with you and gain a greater understanding of your specific challenges.

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"Having a good 3PL partner makes a huge difference to our success. Enlinx has been great in helping us keep our inventory organized, our orders shipped out timely as well as providing very competitive shipping rates. They are a vital part of our team."

Dusty McMullin COO - Sibu, LLC