Randy Hagblom

Executive VP of Sales & Customer Relations

Before partnering with Dave Burns to create Enlinx, Randy was the Director of Operations for Delta Airlines in Salt Lake City, where he managed several hubs for the airlines and was responsible for negotiating a number of multi-million dollar contracts. But it was the opportunity to ensure that every Delta customer enjoyed a top-notch experience that he enjoyed most.

“I believe that every customer should have a remarkable experience,” Randy says. “I take time to build great partnerships with them, focusing on clear, honest communication. The fact is, I love serving people.”

Randy exemplifies that philosophy in his current role as the Executive Vice President of Sales & Customer Relations. As Enlinx customers know well, Randy constantly looks for new ways to raise the bar on service as he seeks out new and customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

“I’m not here only to build a company that will withstand the test of time,” he says. “I’m here to build business relationships that are also strong enough to last for many years as well.”

Randy is a proud husband, father and grandfather of five. He loves blowing off steam through running and, when time and weather allow, spending time on (and in) the water.

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"The Enlinx team is dedicated, innovative and experts in the fulfillment business. Their technology and skills set them apart from the competition. Service is their priority and they are fun to work with."

Chris Sampson Director of Logistics - Max International