Enlinx continually invests in technology. This enables us to operate efficiently and function as an extension of your business; giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our structure is flexible and scalable, allowing us to quickly respond to any opportunity or challenge. You can rely on our IT division for answers, clear communication, and results!

How does our use of technology benefit you?

  • Increased reporting capability
  • Ease of integration with e-commerce and other systems, including ERP and EDI file transfer
  • Comprehensive automation throughout the warehousing and fulfillment processes
  • Enhanced transparency for you that maximizes your operational insight and control
  • RF Reporting that automates and captures material movement, reducing errors

Our technology ensures the greatest return on your 3PL investment. Get started today by speaking with an Enlinx representative.


"Having a good 3PL partner makes a huge difference to our success. Enlinx has been great in helping us keep our inventory organized, our orders shipped out timely as well as providing very competitive shipping rates. They are a vital part of our team."

Dusty McMullin COO - Sibu, LLC