System Integration

Seamless system integration is an integral part of doing business today.  Our IT experts will integrate with your online store, ERP and accounting systems. This ensures quick, accurate, end-to-end transmission of your order and inventory data that is critical to your success.

Solid integration is the key to success.

Our IT experts will work with your team to determine the best way to integrate your systems with ours.  We support both API and EDI integration methods and have integrated with many different ecommerce and ERP systems.  Our integration platform enables real-time syncing of your order and shipment information and, provides insight into your products and many different reports that help you manage your business.

We work extensively with many retailers including Walmart, Target, JC Penny and others to meet their “must have” EDI requirements.

With ecommerce and system integration solutions from Enlinx, your company will compete at any retail level. For more information about our ecommerce and system integration capabilities, contact Enlinx today.


"Having a good 3PL partner makes a huge difference to our success. Enlinx has been great in helping us keep our inventory organized, our orders shipped out timely as well as providing very competitive shipping rates. They are a vital part of our team."

Dusty McMullin COO - Sibu, LLC