Warehouse Operation Systems

Enlinx operates a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility designed with our clients’ needs in mind.  Instead of inefficient and error-prone paper-based picking, our operation is completely automated and leverages technology ranging from a modern product conveyor system to an iPad based product picking technology. Wireless technology and hand held computers are deployed throughout the operation to provide real-time tracking.

All warehouses are not created equal.

We excel at product availability and turnaround time. We are able to meet tight turnaround times by utilizing wireless technology that provides immediate tracking of every item that enters our warehouse. This technology allows us to rapidly label or re-label your products as needed and prepare them for shipment to your customers.

We have deployed a warehouse management system (WMS) to manage and track all product fulfillment processes. We can track and manage every process, big and small, including:

  • Receiving products
  • Customer orders
  • Picking and packing merchandise
  • Manifesting all shipments
  • Managing product replenishment
  • Guiding automated warehouse equipment

Although highly streamlined, the system is very flexible and supports a broad array of customized client requirements.

Time-consuming and error prone tasks of warehouse and inventory management are replaced with a comprehensive and integrated order management system that seamlessly and securely gives us real-time order processing, forecasts and on-demand reports.

Cartonization software makes it possible to generate batches based on an order’s packaging requirements and then direct the packer to use a certain carton size. This ensures the packers quickly pick the correct carton size every time and eliminates the use and expense of waste such as over-sized cartons and additional packing fill.

Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) orchestrates the flow of product through the warehouse and coordinates material handling points. Remarkably, the WCS locates the most efficient route and transmits directions electronically. To increase accuracy, we utilize a picking control system and our conveyors are routed and controlled in real-time based on event-based data. Automated sortation is an ideal solution for separating products and diverting to other stations with high speed.

Shipping Automation Software gives Enlinx the edge by lowering costs and errors and increasing visibility. High volume shipping automation is achieved by providing a seamless interface between our systems and transportation processes. We utilize ADSI Software to give us multi-carrier shipping solutions for multiple origins, carriers, modes and service types.

Warehouse Equipment

Automated conveyor systems provide flexibility and unparalleled accuracy. The conveyors used throughout the warehouse are equipped with motor-driven rollers for materials handling and order-transport. Controlled by event-based functions in real-time, our conveyors stay fully integrated with data-driven order fulfillment rules.

Enlinx’ high speed automated sortation systems are designed to handle diverse products while maintaining flow accuracy, giving our clients the best of both.

Our machines use sensors to collect dimension and weight data electronically. The exact product weights and weight variations are detected as products move past an inline weigh station assisting and expediting quality control processes.

With handheld RF picking we gain the ability to capture detailed product information by batch or serial number by quickly scanning barcode labels.

Paperless, intuitive, and easy to use, iPad picking is another innovation used on the warehouse floor for receiving, put away, and orders. Enlinx staff pulls orders off the WMS, arranges them in the pick order and quantity and then e-mails the orders directly to the iPads. The order picker can easily go to the location, complete and then verify the task.

Paperless pick to light technology speeds up fulfillment by electronically reading order pick tickets, determining the most efficient processing sequence, and then transmitting signals to special light bars mounted on the storage racks that house the product to be picked. The light bars direct pickers to the product and quantity to be picked. Leveraging this technology boosts pick rates and accuracy which means faster service and less returns for you.


Our batch picking method pulls stock to fill multiple orders simultaneously. The orders are batched together to reduce the number of trips to the same area within the warehouse to pick product. Fewer round trips organized correctly save us time and expedites the process.


"It amazes me that Enlinx cares about our success as much as we do."

Mark Barton VP Sales - California Packaging and Display