About Us

Enlinx is now a Whiplash Company!

As one of the nation’s leading omnichannel fulfillment providers catering to both established and emerging brands, Whiplash manages a sophisticated nationwide distribution and fulfillment network for maximum speed and flexibility. Now with 18 state-of-the-art facilities and 6.9 million square feet of warehouse space, we are the experts in managing integrated, world-class fulfillment strategies for clients across multiple channels.

Our Passion: Perfect Delivery!

Our passion is perfect delivery and the relentless pursuit of our passion is why we are successful.  We work hard to help our clients be successful,3-legged Stool strengthen our business and improve the industry. We focus on making sure the thousands of orders we fulfill every day are accurate, delivered on time and all involved have transparency throughout the process.

Our desire to help others with fulfillment services was cultivated during the years spent understanding and growing a previous business. We experienced the exhilaration of rapid growth and the frustration of supply chain challenges that came along with it.  We understand the importance of logistics and fulfillment in successful business operations. We are devoted to perfecting the 3PL business so you can stay focused on what you do best, developing great products for your customers.

Our clients choose Enlinx as their logistics and order fulfillment partner because we provide:

Logistics and fulfillment services are an important part of your business that you shouldn’t have to worry about. With Enlinx as your partner you can stay focused on what you do best, developing great products for your customers.

Our state of the art facilities, systems and processes provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility, allowing us to provide you true omni-channel services.

No matter how large or how small your daily order volume, Enlinx can meet your needs. We also provide specialized services such as kitting, customized packing materials, and gift wrapping. We provide the services you need, when you need them.

We help our clients increase earnings by passing along the cost savings we create by leveraging our industry expertise, economies of scale, and operational efficiency.

Real time information is not a luxury it is a necessity. Enlinx provides you with 24×7 access to your inventory and shipment reports so you always have insight and control of your fulfillment operations.

Enlinx clients have a dedicated CSR that works with you to bring your product to market. New products received are ready to order within 1 business day and existing products that are replenished will be on shelves within hours.

Shipping is the largest expense in any high volume fulfillment center but, if managed properly it can be the area of biggest savings.  Our team will make sure you are getting the best rates possible for incoming and outgoing parcels and freight.

We understand that our success depends upon your success. We look for true partnership opportunities where we can earn your trust and confidence through our hard work and expertise. When this happens your customers are happy, your successful and so are we!

Ready to learn more? Contact us now, or take a moment to learn more about our team and the culture we foster.

About Us

"We've worked with a few other 3PL's over the years and are very impressed by the partnership with Enlinx. They are committed to providing us and our customers the best service possible and their communication is clear, reliable, and supportive. When we have an issue or want to make a change we can count on the Enlinx team to provide us the expertise needed to make the best decision for our business. We are very excited to be working with Enlinx!"

Co-Founder Outdoor Gear Client


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