The Enlinx Values – Respect.

September 19, 2016

Enlinx is driven to help its staff members succeed and be the best they can be. A part of helping us remember what we should do are our core values which are Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Leadership. A couple months ago our Chief Operations Officer sent out a great reminder to the staff about being respectful of other coworkers. I would like to share his words with you and hopefully they can help remind us to be respectful of those around us:

One of our values is respect. It can apply to so many areas. An area that I would like to address is our “respect” for each other’s time. Is there anyone here at Enlinx that isn’t busy? Of course, we all are. Unfortunately, many have expressed frustration regarding consistent interruptions.

Many of us take time to schedule our day, filling it with the most important projects, tasks, or meetings that need to happen for us to progress in our departments,and ultimately, as a company.

Please be mindful of this when interrupting someone who is working:

  • Could they be working on something under a tight timeline?
  • Might they or the group be having an important discussion and shouldn’t be interrupted?
  • Am I interrupting their “train of thought?”
  • Does the content of my communication add value to this person or their work?
  • Does their body language tell me they are busy and don’t want to be interrupted?
  • Am I sharing trivial personal or trivial work information?

If the person you need to see is busy, here are some ways to manage the situation:

  • If the person is at their desk working intensely:
    • Ask “may I schedule time to talk with you?” Be prepared to explain why without being long-winded.
    • Can you communicate via email?
  • If the person has someone in their office:
    • Can you come back later?

Urgent work matters may be an exception. Most likely, these are matters that directly impact our performance for a customer or safety. Examples of urgent matters may be:

  • Immediate and serious threats to safety or serious accidents.
  • Anything that has stalled today’s processing, fulfilling, or shipping orders. Are these immediately threatening today’s ability to achieve A Perfect Delivery?
  • Personal emergency – threat to family health or safety.

Remember, our lack of planning or foresight does not constitute an emergency for everyone else. While there are matters that arise and need immediate action, repeated incidents reveal some one’s lack of planning or scheduling–maybe yours. We can all identify with the attached comical situations.

While we have an open door policy and encourage everyone to communicate — in fact, we need to communicate more than ever — let’s be respectful and make sure we don’t interrupt or waste time.

Best regards,

Paul D. Ellis
Chief Operations Officer
Enlinx, LLC

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