Helping During Challenging Times

April 30, 2020


Enlinx values its client partnerships for a variety of reasons, including the social consciousness many of them practice. During this difficult time, we’ve particularly enjoyed working with clients who are helping provide comfort and relief to the many people working the front lines providing critical care in hospitals and other healthcare centers. Their work is more important than ever and is going a long way toward helping the world be as healthy and safe as possible.

Stance is one of these companies. An outstanding company recognized for their commitment to providing high quality products, Stance wanted to help the many doctors, nurses and other critical care providers working tirelessly. By donating thousands of apparel items (including wonderfully comfortable socks) to hundreds of hospitals in 37 states across the country, Stance was able to deliver a little bit of comfort and reassurance to those performing this critical work. It was our pleasure to partner with them to help prepare and deliver these products.

It is easy to forget the good and charitable work that many people and companies do during difficult times. We want to recognize this work and say a special thank you to Stance for helping those who can use a little support right now.

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