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When it comes to order fulfillment, not all items shipped to an Enlinx warehouse will meet specific processing or retailer requirements. We understand that you may want to build custom kits or product configurations to address your specific market needs — all with the assistance of your 3PL company

Order fulfillment has always been a main tenet at Enlinx, and our experienced team is dedicated to delivering superior service at a fair price. No matter your order specifications, the Enlinx team ensures perfect delivery through accuracy, speed, and transparency.

  • Kitting and assembly
  • Reboxing, stickering, and barcode relabeling
  • Apparel hanging and preparation for retailers
  • Short-term and ongoing project support

With Enlinx’s special order processing services, you can rely on Enlinx to apply special labeling or packaging options, such as individually wrapped items or repackaging. 


Enlinx Kitting Services

For 3PL companies, “kitting” involves receiving a product in individual parts, then putting them together into a single, sellable unit, also called a kit. This is extremely valuable to businesses who have many products that need assembling, but not enough manpower to do so on their own. 

With our custom kitting services, you can be confident that your retail customers get their orders just the way they want them. There are many benefits to custom kitting services: 

  • Streamline the production process and cut down on wasted time
  • Avoid searching for parts or do any pre-assembly work
  • Speed up and simplify production to save time and money 
  • Maintain a wide product inventory
  • Create personalized items for specialty customers or retailers 
  • Quickly change your offerings based on seasonality, marketing campaigns, or unexpected needs without substantially adjusting inventory

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Enlinx Value-Added Services

Do you want to provide your customers with the best possible unboxing experience? Enlinx offers various value-added services to ensure your orders are tailored to your exact requirements:

  • Product configuration
  • Relabeling
  • Tagging
  • Stickering 
  • Labeling
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Bagging
  • Ticketing services 
  • Gift wrapping

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Customize Your Inventory With Enlinx

A company’s brand image is extremely important — not only for the business, but to customers as well. A large part of a brand’s image has to do with its packaging and customization, and that’s where Enlinx comes in. Enlinx uses proven strategies to manage, produce, and store custom inventory, giving you complete 24/7 transparency into specialized order fulfillment. 

To ensure your customers receive their orders exactly the way they want them, learn more about customized kitting and value-added services from Enlinx. Contact us today to discuss your custom 3PL service needs. 

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"As a rapidly growing luxury retail brand, our 3PL needs to ship quickly, pack professionally, and still remain flexible to accommodate our changing needs and partnerships. Enlinx is all this and more. They have saved us money and continue to show a level of customer service and committment unheard of in the industry. Enlinx truly cares about the success of Cozy Earth!"

VP Operations Luxury Brand Client


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