Inventory accuracy begins and ends with innovative fulfillment warehouse technology from Enlinx. Our modern, organized, and clean distribution center operates with advanced technology and equipment to ensure perfect delivery and transparency along the way. Our facility boasts the size, technology, and setup to meet all clients’ needs:

  • More than 400,000 square feet
  • 31-foot-tall VNA pallet racking setup
  • 38 dock doors for shipping and receiving
  • In-house, full-time facility maintenance team
  • Multiple pick systems and methodologies

Tech-Forward Equipment

Your organization needs to have the best industry technology on your side to better manage your inventory. Enlinx provides comprehensive, technology-focused 3PL warehouse services to help you achieve your goal of prompt and accurate delivery:

  • Raymond brand high-speed, high-efficiency equipment
  • High-efficiency, low-voltage conveyor system
  • High-speed Hytrol shoe sorter system
  • Frequent and systematic equipment maintenance and replacement schedule


Enlinx Warehouse Engineering

Fulfillment needs are always changing, and the Enlinx team is dedicated to ongoing improvement and learning. We work to create and meet best practices for essential fulfillment services including cartonization, rate shopping, domestic freight, exports, hazmat, reverse logistics, and more. 

We know your business might have unique fulfillment requirements, so we offer various customized services to understand your needs:

  • Support for special projects
  • Operations analytics
  • Personalized new client onboarding
  • Supply chain consulting 
  • Specialized client support for the first 90 days


Enlinx 3PL Warehousing

Your business is unique and so are your warehousing needs. Enlinx software allows you to cut costs, reduce the risk of error, and increase visibility into orders and inventory:

  • Cartonization software: Automatically identify the correct box size for each order. 
  • Shipping automation software: Ship order to multiple carriers, origins, modes, and service types. 
  • Automated conveyors systems: Efficiently handle and quickly transport orders. 
  • Automated sortation: Maintain flow accuracy, even with a diverse inventory.
  • Pick to light: Lower fulfillment time with electronic order reading.
  • Batch pick: Fill multiple orders at the same time.
  • iPad picking: Ensure accuracy with quality control checks. 

Barcodes and wireless technology are an integral part of the Enlinx inventory control process. Our warehouse is RF (radio frequency) capable. Radio frequency-based transaction processing with real-time validation creates a unique “license plate” identifier that stays with a product as it moves through the order process. This eliminates errors and duplicate scans.

We check all incoming inventory to ensure the items received are:

  • In proper condition
  • Free of damage
  • Equipped with a matching receipt of goods and original purchase order

Learn more about our warehouse operation system technology here

No matter the size of your company, or even your business growth goals, Enlinx gets your shipments out quickly, without costly errors. The Enlinx warehouse management system has the following capabilities for businesses of all sizes: 

  • Inventory storage and replenishment
  • Order receipt, pick, pack, and ship functions 
  • Order returns processing
  • Access to a client portal with dashboards and reporting 

Enlinx Is Your Order Fulfillment Partner

Enlinx deploys strategies that carefully manage, store, protect, and report your inventory. These measures, along with 24/7 access to inventory and shipment reports, keep you in control of your inventory and fulfillment operations. All of this means you will have full confidence with Enlinx as your partner.

If you’d like an organized, innovative 3PL warehouse solution, Enlinx has got your back. Contact us today to discuss your warehousing needs. 

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"We've worked with a few other 3PL's over the years and are very impressed by the partnership with Enlinx. They are committed to providing us and our customers the best service possible and their communication is clear, reliable, and supportive. When we have an issue or want to make a change we can count on the Enlinx team to provide us the expertise needed to make the best decision for our business. We are very excited to be working with Enlinx!"

Co-Founder Outdoor Gear Client