Enlinx maximizes more than 420,000 square feet of space to provide omni-channel fulfillment services.  Our high-volume pick, pack and ship facility allows products to be:

  • Pulled from inventory in real-time (within minutes of the order being placed)
  • Sorted by barcode
  • Specialty-wrapped (if requested)
  • Packed
  • Shipped

So, whether your business is B2B, B2C or both, we have a fulfillment solution that works for you!

Pick, Pack and Ship Expertise.

Our people, processes, and systems ensure that we have the ability to accurately process thousands of shipments daily and move your products quickly. We begin by collaborating with you to understand your business requirements and create strategic and tactical plans to deliver the service your brand demands. With a good plan in place we then use the latest technology to drive accuracy and provide you transparency throughout the process. Learn more about our technology.

Enlinx utilizes cartonization, pick-to-light, and Warehouse Mobile Solutions technology to control costs, optimize speed and reduce human error in order fulfillment. We do this by determining optimal carton size based on product weight, dimension and volume, as well as packing order to reduce potential damage in transit. The Enlinx Warehouse Management System ensures inventory is replenished in a timely manner to maintain line efficiency while providing real-time reporting for our clients.

Our inventory management is done in real time through the use of our proprietary technology, which is able to handle tens of thousands of SKU’s. All inventory data is fed into the system, allowing you to see the status of your warehoused products including current volumes, the number of items shipped that day and other critical details.  With complete order management, we routinely manage multiple stock rotation (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, FMFO), conduct cycle counts for better inventory management of physical inventory and provide serial number and lot control tracking.

Our Services

"As a rapidly growing luxury retail brand, our 3PL needs to ship quickly, pack professionally, and still remain flexible to accommodate our changing needs and partnerships. Enlinx is all this and more. They have saved us money and continue to show a level of customer service and committment unheard of in the industry. Enlinx truly cares about the success of Cozy Earth!"

Nate Christensen, VP Operations Cozy Earth