Enlinx maximizes more than 400,000 square feet of space to provide multi-channel fulfillment services. Our high-volume pick, pack, and ship facility handles all facets of order fulfillment:

  • Pulled from inventory in real time (same day the order is submitted)
  • Sorted by barcode
  • Specialty wrapped (if requested)
  • Packed
  • Shipped

Whether your business is B2B, B2C, or both, we have an order fulfillment solution that works for you. With advanced technology and a robust facility, Enlinx has the expertise and tools for every custom requirement: 

  • 7,900 orders fulfilled daily on average, with a capacity to process 40,000 orders
  • Pick rate of up to 400 units per hour based on product type and pick method
  • Pick methods are tailored to clients’ needs, includes cart, cell-based, pick-to-light, and case and pallet picking 
  • Each client has a dedicated pick area for utmost efficiency
  • Pack stations are staged according to client’s needs as well as special packing requirements

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Pick, Pack, and Ship Expertise

Our people, processes, and systems ensure that we have the ability to accurately process thousands of shipments daily and move your products quickly. We begin by collaborating with you to understand your business requirements and create strategic and tactical plans to deliver the service your brand demands. 

With a solid plan in place, we then use the latest technology to drive accuracy and provide you transparency throughout the process. Learn more about our technology and how we use multi-channel fulfillment to get the job done.


Technology in Practice 

Enlinx utilizes cartonization, pick-to-light, and Warehouse Mobile Solutions technology to control costs, optimize speed, and reduce the likelihood of human error in e-commerce order fulfillment. We do this by determining optimal carton size based on product weight, dimension, and volume, as well as packing sequence, to reduce potential damage in transit. 

The Enlinx Warehouse Management System ensures inventory is replenished in a timely manner to maintain line efficiency while providing real-time reporting for our clients.

Batch Pick

  • Pull stock from multiple orders simultaneously 

iPad Picking

  • Paperless tracking and receiving for quality control

Pick To Light

  • Electronically reads order tickets for more efficient processing 

Our inventory management is done in real time through the use of our technology, which can handle tens of thousands of SKUs. All inventory data is fed into the system, allowing you to see the status of your warehoused products including current volumes, the number of items shipped that day, and other critical details.  

With complete order management, we routinely manage multiple stock rotation (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, FMFO), conduct cycle counts for better inventory management of physical inventory, and provide serial number and lot control tracking.


Leave Fulfillment to Us 

When you have ecommerce orders to fill, Enlinx takes care of all aspects for you. Store your inventory in our secure warehouse and when an online order is placed, your shipping process gets underway the same day. Contact us to discuss your specific fulfillment needs. 

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"Enlinx has provided us with the security of knowing our inventory is in good hands and our orders will ship accurately and on time. Working with an organized, efficiently run 3PL has saved us money and improved our customer experience. We have experienced dramatic growth since partnering with Enlinx, and they haven't missed a beat!"

Operations Manager Hunting & Outdoor Gear Client


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