Our clients strive to stock their products in retail stores, deliver products right to their customers, and ship products around the globe. Enlinx works with you to meet your shipping needs, including direct-to-consumer shipping, wholesale/retail shipping, and international shipping. With our extensive shipping experience, we have what it takes to work with major retailers and ship your products out on time and to the right location. 

Enlinx employs innovative technology and experienced team members to meet every client’s unique requirements, including on-time and just-in-time shipments and order verification. Our shipping & distribution services help you know that your products will arrive quickly and without error.


Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

With direct-to-consumer shipping, clients can send shipments to customers without involving third-party retailers or wholesalers. Enlinx ships thousands of direct-to-consumer orders each day, both domestically and internationally. 

  • Site-to-store orders for any retailer
  • Ship products directly to network distributors
  • Employees are certified in dangerous goods and hazardous materials


Wholesale/Retail Shipping

Many of our clients want their products in big-box stores. Enlinx offers wholesale and retail distribution services with the touch of a dedicated wholesale routing team that analyzes and prepares all routing requirements.

  • Integrate directly with your EDI system, including True Commerce and SPS 
  • Minimize wholesale labeling errors with in-house UCC labeling technology
  • Lower potential large retailer fees with chargeback negotiation expertise 


International Shipping

You can easily ship your products to any country with Enlinx’s robust international shipping services.

  • Carrier options support your need for economy, speed, and network coverage through small package carriers and freight forwarders 
  • Proper documentation assurance moves products across borders quickly 
  • Global logistics support assists with shipment information and delivery times. 


Enlinx Is Your Shipping Partner

Our team’s goal is to get correct shipments to end users as quickly and accurately as possible. To ensure perfect delivery, we carefully sort all orders received in shipping with the carrier requested. Looking for a partner to handle all of your direct-to-consumer, retail/wholesale, and international shipping needs? Enlinx has the extensive experience necessary to do the job right each time. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you maintain outstanding customer relationships and ensure fast and accurate shipping.

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"As a rapidly growing luxury retail brand, our 3PL needs to ship quickly, pack professionally, and still remain flexible to accommodate our changing needs and partnerships. Enlinx is all this and more. They have saved us money and continue to show a level of customer service and committment unheard of in the industry. Enlinx truly cares about the success of Cozy Earth!"

VP Operations Luxury Brand Client


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