Inventory accuracy begins and ends using Enlinx’ innovative technology. We check all incoming inventory to ensure the items received are:

  • In proper condition
  • Free of damage
  • Have a matching receipt of goods and original purchase order

Barcodes and wireless technology are an integral part of our inventory control process. This technology enables us to better direct the movement of product, provides you full visibility of your inventory and reduces costs. Our warehouse is RF (radio frequency) capable. The radio frequency based transaction processing with real-time validation creates a unique “license plate” identifier that stays with a product as it moves through the order process. This eliminates errors and duplicate scans.

Enlinx deploys strategies that carefully manage, store, protect, and report your inventory. These measures along with 24/7 access to inventory and shipment reports keeps you in control of your inventory and fulfillment operations. All of this means you can rest a little easier with Enlinx as your partner!

Our Services

"Enlinx has provided us with the security of knowing our inventory is in good hands and our orders will ship accurately and on time. Working with an organized, efficiently run 3PL has saved us money and improved our customer experience. We have experienced dramatic growth since partnering with Enlinx, and they haven't missed a beat!"

Chase Millemann, Operations Manager First Lite