To fulfill our Vision and make good on our promise of Perfect Delivery, a continual investment in technology is required.  This investment is broad, ranging from our warehouse management system (WMS) to client facing freight and inventory management tools.  Every dollar invested in technology helps us strengthen operations, provide deep and meaningful insight and, build loyalty between you and your customers.

How does our technology benefit you?

  • Continual monitoring of freight rates to maximize cost savings in this area
  • Simple integrations between our WMS and your ecommerce, ERP and EDI systems
  • Realtime insight into what’s happening with your orders, inventory and freight
  • Best in class pick and pack systems that keep order accuracy and speed above industry standards
  • Peace of mind knowing that your inventory and information is secure

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"As a rapidly growing luxury retail brand, our 3PL needs to ship quickly, pack professionally, and still remain flexible to accommodate our changing needs and partnerships. Enlinx is all this and more. They have saved us money and continue to show a level of customer service and committment unheard of in the industry. Enlinx truly cares about the success of Cozy Earth!"

Nate Christensen, VP Operations Cozy Earth